Fast Data on Cloudera is Landoop’s solution for running a current and complete Kafka stack on a Cloudera Cluster; it is easy to install and manage whilst providing advanced features. Our products are based on Cloudera’s CSD specifications, so they are like any other service you can setup from Cloudera Manager. Our offering consists of 3 products.

Fast Data

Fast Data is our main product, it lets you setup a Kafka cluster using the Confluent Platform 3.1.1 components : kafka brokers, schema registry, connect distributed, rest proxy— with a few clicks. Most configuration options can be set from Cloudera Manager’s configuration page and all authentication scenarios supported by the platform are supported via the Fast Data CSD.

Service files (CSDs) use parcels to distribute software to the nodes of the cluster. Two parcels are currently available. The first and default distributes the kafka set of services. An additional parcel can be used to distribute into the nodes running Kafka Connect, all the (stream-reactor) Kafka connectors that can simplify your streaming ETL.

Fast Data Tools

A collection of additional tools that we develop to assist you with managing and understanding your operational Kafka cluster : i) the Schema Registry UI to visualize lineage information and schema information, ii) Kafka Topics UI to allow you to explore kafka topics and view or download messages, iii) The Kafka Connect UI for building streaming ETL topologies. The Fast Data Tools CSD will set them up in your Cloudera cluster within seconds.

Fast Data Monitoring

A comprehensive monitoring and alerting solution that lets you observe your operational Kafka Cluster in real-time. It is based on prometheus and grafana, and the CSD provides a collection of pre-configured dashboards with the most important metrics that you should need to keep an eye for. You can also build and configure additional kafka metrics available.


Fast Data Monitoring is under development.