3.5. Changelog

3.5.1. CSD 1.2-beta-0

  • Change: rename alias labels for exporters jobs: - brokers_exporters : brokers - connect_exporters : connect - kafka_rest_exporters : rest-proxy - schema_registry_exporters: schema-registry This is considered a breaking change as if you have dashboards using the old aliases, you have to adjust them for the new ones.
  • Fix a bug, where Grafana dashboards would be initialized with empty sources. Now they are initialized with the default source. This means that if for some reason there is an issue with automatically adding prometheus to grafana, or moving prometheus to another node, you just have to set the new primary source as default and your dashboards will work.

Notable changes in the supporting parcel:

  • Add client application monitoring dashboard (templated and plain version).
  • Revamp dashboards with information and links to other dashboards.
  • Producers and Consumers Dashboard got much more panels with useful information.
  • In Kafka 3.2.0 Kstream names leak into JMX value names. We explicitly clean the value names, adding the extra information into the kstream_component label and separating the metrics into kafka_consumer_fetch_manager_metrics_kstream_ timeseries.

3.5.2. CSD 1.1-beta-1

  • Add support for user targets for Prometheus (monitoring jvm based client applications)
  • Add support for TLS/SSL via PEM certificates in Grafana
  • Fix S3 support for Grafana (uploads images for slack reports).
  • Add option for grafana’s domain and autodetection from FQDN if left empty. Fixes links in alerting messages/

Notable changes in the supporting parcel:

  • Kafka Cluster Overview: do not show system topics in graphs.
  • New Dashboard: Procuders Consumers Metrics (very basic but shows how to monitor clients)
  • Add fast_data_monitoring app to ease client monitoring (can be used in lieu of java)
  • Add jmx_exporter’s javaagent version and sample configuration yaml for augmenting client Kafka applications.

3.5.3. CSD 1.0-beta-1

Initial release.